Thanks to a friend posting a picture about it on Instagram, I went to see the Wim Wenders ‘Instant Stories’ exhibition at The Photographers Gallery yesterday. The exhibition has been on since October last year but I knew nothing about it, this weekend was its final weekend and being a lover of the Polaroid, I had to go. After being very inspired, I have made a promised myself to shoot more film this year. This is our little Marvin.

Pauline & Matt. I had the honor of capturing their special day on the 28th December 2017. A beautiful, frosty winters morning, crisp and fresh. Considering the weather was pants either side of their day, the sun stayed out for them which was really lucky. Pauline was one of the smiliest brides Ive had the pleasure of working with, constant laughter and smiles through out the whole wedding, there was never a dull moment. I enjoyed every minute of the day, including the band in the evening, which if you get a moment I would look them up, they are called ‘Flo collective’, an awesome group.

This is my first time showing a wedding in the format of a slide show, I hope to continue with doing so and hopefully improve with it as I go. Anyway I hope your enjoy watching it and don’t forget to turn your speakers on!

I’m normally one for hitting the streets of London during the day but recently during some down time, Ive been heading into the city for some night street photography. I have to admit i’m growing really fond of working with the available light when they day gets dark.

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