Ive been trying out this new editing software today called DXO film pack, I love it!

It always pays to look up! I don’t take that many architectural photos but it cant be helped sometimes as London has some amazing buildings, don’t ever stop looking up!

This is Bengbeng recovering from her operation. I recently had an email from the BAWA about the amazing donation made for one of my charity Photobooks that are on sale out in Bali and here in the UK, the donation covered the cost of the operation needed to amputate her leg after being hit by a car. I was speechless to hear that one of my Photobooks has helped in this way. I was email these photos of Bengbeng today and she looks to be doing well and is being fostered by mother and son who made the donation. I feel I have helped in the way I wanted to but couldn’t while out in Bali. This was posted on the BAWA website today : BENGBENG: SAVED, SAFE & WHAT A STORY!

Thanks to people’s overwhelming kindness and generosity, market dog Bengbeng is recovering from an amputation of a back leg at the safe and loving home of Anna and Miles, 5. The mother and son went to BAWA’s Ubud shop at Jl Monkey Forest 100x to donate for Bengbeng and spotted Russell Carr’s Photobook of Bali street images. On returning to the UK from Bali recently, photographer and Good Guy Russ quickly produced and sent 25 copies of his terrific book and postcards to BAWA. At the shop to donate, Anna and Miles instantly loved the book. And wanting so much to help Bengbeng, they promptly paid about 10 times the price of the book of 43 fabulous images to help save Bengbeng’s life.

Mum and young son then headed to the clinic to visit Bengbeng before surgery. And so smitten were they with the lovely dog that they called BAWA with an offer to foster after the op. “Please let me know when we can take Bengbeng home,” said Anna. Now Bengbeng is getting lots of love and heaps of help to walk on only 3 legs after being hit by a vehicle.
Happy outcomes don’t come much better than that. From the UK, Russ said: “I’m so pleased for you guys and most of all Bengbeng. I would have never expected news like that. I’m so chuffed that the books have made a difference. It’s fantastic. I was a bit speechless to be honest.”
One of Russ’s Bali images recently won second prize in a London and Essex professional competition. To buy the photobook and Russ’s postcards of Bali, visit BAWA shops in Ubud and Sanur: www.bawabali.com/contact/find-us-in-bali/
To buy in UK: www.russell-carr.co.uk/bawa
We sincerely thank Anna, Miles, Russ and other donors for their life-saving help for Bengbeng and highly valued support of BAWA’s work. If you too would like to make a difference, please go to: www.bawabali.com/donate-to-bawa/

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