I thoroughly enjoy shooting weddings but its a tough job both mentally and physically. When you hear that your hard work has paid off it makes what I do worth it for both me and my couples because I’m proud that my work has made someone else happy in the way that it has. Some very kind words from Jennifer and Roland - Dear Russell,

I’m so sorry it’s taken a few days to get back to you. Trying to get both Roland and myself in one place so that we can look at your photos together has been surprisingly difficult considering we live together. I also didn’t feel that I could just send you a brief email because it wouldn’t reflect our true appreciation of your work.

I don’t think words really can express how incredible your photos are. We went through so many emotions from crying with laughter to tears. I even had goose bumps looking at the photo of my dress in front of the window, it was enchanting.

It was quite amazing to see where you had taken all your shots from and how quickly you move from one place to another in order to capture different angles. There is a photo between my friends who are slightly blurred and between them in the background is Roland and his gran looking at his ring, it’s quite magical. There are so many photos which left us speechless that I couldn’t possibly list them all.

We can’t quite believe that it really is us in our couple shots. The pictures of us with the black background makes every detail stand out, the lighting is just stunning (and very flattering, which always helps). It’s so difficult to get Roland to smile in photos and relax but you managed it. That’s down to more than your photographic ability, its how you are as a person. Your attentions to detail is impeccable and even the little things like the orchid on the box with the moss inside are such beautiful touches that we really do appreciate.

We feel truly honoured to have had you capture our day.

Thank you so much,

Jen and Roland. Thank you to all my couples for the pleasure of shooting your weddings this year.

Some of Jennifer and Roland’s beautiful Tewin Bury Farm wedding photos can now be seen in my wedding gallery pages. The day before it rained all day, come the morning on the wedding a beautiful sunny morning which paved the way for a gorgeous day.

One for the ladies, Jimmy Choo’s! I love having beautiful light to play with, and that’s what I had all day at Jennifer and Roland’s wedding on Sunday. It took place at Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire, the light coming into the Tyde barn in the morning was particularly gorgeous and that’s what I used to get this shot of Jennifer’s wedding shoes.

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