Some of Jennifer and Roland’s beautiful Tewin Bury Farm wedding photos can now be seen in my wedding gallery pages. The day before it rained all day, come the morning on the wedding a beautiful sunny morning which paved the way for a gorgeous day.

One for the ladies, Jimmy Choo’s! I love having beautiful light to play with, and that’s what I had all day at Jennifer and Roland’s wedding on Sunday. It took place at Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire, the light coming into the Tyde barn in the morning was particularly gorgeous and that’s what I used to get this shot of Jennifer’s wedding shoes.

Joanne’s beautiful wedding dress. Joanne and Kieren had a fun filled wedding, VW camper vans, rodeo, popcorn and candy floss machines, the list goes on!. A great day which I had the pleasure to capture. Huge congratulations to the happy couple. 

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