So my Instax hack project is pretty much finished and ready to start shooting with. Its a combination of a Fujifilm Instax 300 body and a Mamiya press 100mm lens. The original idea was to use a different lens but I changed my mind last minute and I think i have made the right choice. I ended up having to buy a Mamiya Universal body to remove the lens mount and then design and have laser cut an adapter ring to attach the lens mount to the Instax body. Its now a fully manual Polaroid camera so your able to be a bit more creative with it. I’m pleased with how it looks and looking forward to shooting with it.

So my little project begins!. I’m going to remove the lens from this Fujifilm Instax wide 300 and hopefully mount (somehow, maybe!) a lens from an old Afga Billy Record fold up camera. The lens I’m hoping to mount is a fully manual f4.5 lens so it will make the Polaroid a manual camera. For the Polaroid film to expose it still needs to go through the rollers inside the Instax so this function will still be working automatically when the button is pressed. I’m exited to see the results if I manage to complete the project and hopefully I will be able to get a bit more creative.

Happy new year! First post of 2017 and its a street shot taken and edited on my mobile phone. I was in town waiting for my wife to finish her eye appointment and couldn’t resit a bit of street photography and you cant go wrong with a reflection shot. I didnt have my DSLR so sometimes you have to work with what you have to hand. Really looking forward to what this year will bring and it starts with a Polaroid Instax wide turning up next week! :)

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