We got back yesterday from a great weekend away in The Lake District / Cumbria. My brother lives in Kendal so I try and head up and see him as much as time allows. Ive been out and explored parts on Cumbria with my brother before but this trip found some new, stunning scenery I hadn’t touched on. I was up that way with my wife and friends so decide to head out very early for 3 mornings so as to keep the day time free. I got up around 3:30am each morning to see the sun rise and take my photos in the gorgeous morning light. The first day I headed to Buttermere Lake to the north, if its possible to fall in Love with a lake then I have!, its simply beautiful there. I was lucky to have caught a gorgeous sun rise on route to the lake in a perfect location through a pass that leads you in to the north of Buttermere. There are so many little locations of beauty that you could spend years wondering around Cumbria and never get bored.

Its been a tricky process but my little Polaroid mod project is now going really well. There was a lot of trouble with the Mamiya Press lens, the focus mainly, as it was way out, probably because I hadn’t paid much attention to the Flange focal length!. I’ve reverted back to the original lens I had purchased for the project so now the camera is a combined Fujifilm Instax 300 body with a vintage Agfa Billy manual lens, I think I have found the perfect combo!

I had a great night last night shooting the East Herts Got Talent event in Hertford. So many talented performers some of which will definitely go far. Well done to all, especially the winners!

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