My wife an I got back on Tuesday from ten amazing days in Bali. We meet friends there from Melbourne for a nice relaxing holiday. I could spend hours talking about Bali, such a different way of living, some things very refreshing to see while others quite scary and upsetting. I didn’t at first have any intention to go out and capture people of Bali but I knew I wanted to get a real sense of what Bali was about and how the people of Bali live. My love street photography was what also pushed me to grab any moment I could to wounder the streets and soak up Bali while remembering it was also a holiday to relax!. The few hours I spent over the ten days walking, chatting, capturing, seeing, smelling and experiencing really fascinated me and I couldn’t get enough of it, to the point of a little heat stroke so I had to call it a day after my third adventure out. I feel I saw so much though, everyone was so friendly and some playing up the the camera, the experience will stay with me for ever. I will be putting up a gallery for my Bali images soon, I cant wait to share my experience with you.

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