My wife and I recently meet friends in Bali for a 10 day holiday. Obviously my camera went with me but I never had the intention of doing as much street photography as I did. In total I spent 7 hours on the streets near where we were staying in Seminyak and despite a bit of heat stroke I just couldn’t get enough of it. During my walks I was amazed to see so many dogs on the streets and saddened to see so many in a bad way. One day we came across a shop that was run by BAWA the Bali Animal Welfare Association, it was comforting to see a charity that was not only helping those dogs in need but other animals to. Now to the important bit, I’m going to be getting some photos books made of my Bali street photography and selling them to raise a bit of money for the charity, every little helps. I may also get some prints done but not sure yet. So watch this space and i will keep you up to date with how its all progressing. Please share also.

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