Your photographer - Russell Carr LMPA

I’m Russ, I live with my beautiful wife Marie and our four legged friend, Marvin. 

They say the way to a man's heart is through his belly, well that is correct, give me a slice of cake and I'm yours! Wedding cakes my favourite!

So what can you expect from me? I'm here to be your relaxed, fun, creative and friendly photographer. I'm not here to make you feel uncomfortable but to capture you and those special memories in a relaxed professional manor in my own contemporary way.

So whats photography to me? Photography has opened up so much for me, I love the creativity, freedom and adventure of it. I'm constantly moving forward to provide stunning images, you will see me on many occasions during a shoot, lying in a peculiar position on the floor to get that "shot". I've gotten used to the strange looks of passers by. I’m dedicated to the things I love and that dedication drives me to always do the best I can.

I'm really excited to say that recently I became a qualified member of the Master Photographers Association (MPA) by passing my wedding Licentiate qualification (that's what the fancy letters above next to my name mean!).

I love photography, I believe I always will and I enjoy the photos I take, but what makes me really love them more, and is a real way of knowing that I’m doing the best I can, is by seeing a smile on someones face when they see the photos that I have done for them. Honestly, it is a real privilege to take something that I thoroughly enjoy and pass that on to others, I certainly don't take it for granted.

I hope you can spare a moment to look through my portfolio, love my work and book me to capture you!

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